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New ways to monetize in 2022

So you want to make money from other avenues from a 9-5 well there is ways to now monetize in 2022 and what are the requirements. Instagram Badges, Ads and Reels requirements are you must have a minimum of 10,000 followers and have an invitation from Instagram before you can join.TikTok you must have over…

TikTok is the new normal

With 1 billion+ users TikTok has been the most used app since Instagram and Twitter, more than 1 billion videos has been made on TikTok which have garnished the company billions of views, which led TikTok creating their $1 billion creator fund in early 2020, TikTok has now hosted concert experiences and even become a…

You Need Advertising We Got You

Why choose adstora? well we offer lots of offers from websites, influencers and other avenues to promote and bring new clients to your service or product, we want you to feel comfort knowing that we can bring customers to whatever it is you want to sell or offer. content creators! we know many of you…

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